Enjoy a Short and Pleasant Stay in Alaska

Rent one-bedroom apartments at affordable prices.

Athenian Village Anchorage

Athenian Village Anchorage is an extended Athenian village apartment welcoming traveling professionals. Based out of Anchorage, Alaska, we rent out furnished apartments with excellent amenities.

Great Location

We are located only three blocks from the Providence hospital, which makes it an ideal choice for anybody who wants to stay near the medical district. Also, we are only two blocks away from the Alaskan Native Hospital, and 15 minutes from Alaska Regional Hospital.

Friendly and Skilled Staff

Athenian Village Anchorage is a group of owner-managed apartments. Our staff is well-trained, friendly, and possesses a good knowledge of the area. We are ready to assist you whenever you need us.


For over 11 years we have been offering our guests with comfortable accommodation in Alaska.

Athenian Village Anchorage

About the Apartments

Enjoy your stay in our beautiful, fully-furnished one-bedroom apartments. Each apartment has a spectacular view of the mountains, which makes your stay pleasant. There is a multitude of restaurants available near the property for you to dine in. There are a wide range of options available, from a buffet meal to gourmet to fine dining.

We have bike trails, and parks nearby to make your stay in Alaska a delightful one. Our buildings are all newly-constructed and clean.


Athenian Village Anchorage

Best place I've been so far this year.

Athenian Village Anchorage

They give us wonderful and cozy room, we're pleased!

Athenian Village Anchorage

Quite the well rounded company if you're looking for an apartment rentals, whether it's short or long term, those are your guys!

Athenian Village Anchorage

Home for rent vacations always have the potential to be miserable failures. Though here I think I struck gold. Best place I've been so far this year.